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    • 发表时间:2020-09-15 10:07
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    This year's new year is a bit unique.

    The ear still is the sound of fireworks and firecrackers, but only the sound, there is no imagination in the excitement and joy. Once, I like to be with my sister, with all kinds of fireworks, after my father set off, I am excited to play. Watching her sister want to play, and be afraid of the appearance, I will be a very gentleman to help her sister lit, and then to her hand. The two were jumping over there. Dad and mom looked at the back. Don't be so happy!

    The same fireworks and firecrackers no longer saw us playing fireworks during childhood. At this time, we grew apart, but also because we had cell phones, and robbed red packets, and drew the distance from reality. Only the living and boring life is really unique.

    There is a unique place for the new year, which is a new year. Once, people will pay New Year's call eat fruit, there are around what delicious back, eat slowly, in a family to sit for a long time. Now people pay New Year's call never eat fruit, sometimes, also do not get ass stool, people have to withdraw, withdraw the reason is not because of anything else, but because of fear of late withdrawal, playing cards do not have their own.

    While life is rich, it also deprives a lot of childhood happiness, the card is to open the distance between relatives, so that the new year is unique again.

    Look, this year's new year, is it unique?


    Someone said, "want to be a person who is wandering in the cow A 'cow C. Very interesting words, but let me think for a long time, time flies, lives in subversion, every day has its new changes.

    It's not easy to grow up. A white paper can't be filled with ravines, so life needs to be experienced.

    Ten years ago I was a ignorant child, from the warmth of the baby struggling to stand up and began to learn from the things to savor life, then I know that this world is not crystal clear, with the need to think about, sometimes it was lucky that there was at least a few friends are the best, the world is too complex, I am unable to say what...... Learning is repressed, but the emotion is not bound to live, to find out the leisure can release their feelings. Don't expect everyone to love your time, because God created a different character sprinkled in every heart, sometimes really know all sorts of theory but could not stop their fragile lives. The world does not care about other people's eyes, it seems to find the true meaning of freedom......

    Listen to other people's language, I raised my stubborn camouflage smile played down everything, but they are buried in my heart. Only at night before revealing the devastation......

    The past year I am speechless, I do not know how to supplement it bit by bit, loved and hated, ambiguous farewell, my body is growing, harvest!

    Thank those who in my life by the people, the year of the ox has come, cattle fighting spirit will encourage me to open my arms and breathing

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